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IT Operations Management

Tivoli Netcool/Impact

Event enrichment, contextual correlation and automation to unify disparate systems

IBM® Tivoli® Netcool® Impact is enterprise and network management software that automates the support of business-critical functions. The software helps enrich events with business context, provides an integrated view of data from multiple sources in context and enables custom automations.

Tivoli Netcool Impact includes the following features and benefits:

  • Collects and injects contextual details into events, incidents and problems.

  • Correlates and displays information from multiple sources to enable operations to make quick decisions or take action.

  • Initiates or automates action based on the current state of events and logical policies.

MegaSoft BSM Solutions


To maximize the value of your assets, you need a robust set of enterprise capabilities designed to meet the demanding needs of asset intensive organizations that need to continuously monitor their infrastructure and network events. MegaSoft Business Service Management (BSM) Solution based on IBM NOI can help you.

For Enquires, please Contact


Eng. Zeyad ElSherif

Head of Business Service Management


Mob KSA: +966(54) 712 39 49

Mob EG: +2(010) 64 125 125

Tel: +202 22916581/7


Collects and injects contextual details

  • Provides contextual information required to facilitate essential services and processes.

  • Allows full access to near real-time data and events from multiple data sources including external sources such as SQL databases and LDAP servers.

  • Unifies distributed data through a single reference point.

  • Integrates with other vendor applications for tasks such as billing, network inventory management, customer service or help desk.

Correlates and displays information from multiple sources

  • Helps streamline the notification and escalation of events through alert consolidation and simplified error logs.

  • Provides near real-time alert status, allowing administrators to isolate, prioritize and assess an event for faster incident handling.

  • Allows data access from existing data stores through a virtual data store.

  • Protects data by accessing it where it resides.

  • Controls delivery of information to or from any data source without the need for migration or replacement.

Initiates or automates action

  • Determines when and what actions are automatically taken based on business impact.

  • Reduces the need for manual event management tasks, and helps improve operator efficiency and productivity.

  • Provides near real-time visibility into core business and operational functions, such as billing and order fulfillment, for defining custom actions.

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