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Enterprise Observability and APM

IBM Instana

Enterprise Observability &
Application Performance Management


MegaSoft BSM Solutions


To maximize the value of your assets, you need a robust set of enterprise capabilities designed to meet the demanding needs of asset intensive organizations that need to keep their infrastructure and applications at peak performance. MegaSoft Business Service Management (BSM) Solutions based on IBM Instana can help you.

Instana is the first and only fully automated Application Performance Management (APM) solution designed specifically for the challenges of managing microservice and cloud-native applications.

  • Gain instant visibility with zero effort

  • Quickly make sense of chaotic modern environments

  • Identify and solve performance issues in seconds

Enterprise Observability


Automatic Contextual Insights to Drive Intelligent Actions

Making Observability Ready for the Enterprise by correlating and analyzing everything within context


  • Ingest every monitoring metric

  • Trace every request

  • Profile every process


Application & Services Monitoring

Manage the performance of your applications in real-time
See every detail about the inner workings and inter-dependencies of your application

  • Trace every distributed request

  • Map all service dependencies

  • Profile every production process

Websites End User Monitoring


Provide exceptional customer experiences 
Optimize the user experience with detailed browser performance data correlated to backend performance


  • Trace and correlate every browser request

  • Capture JavaScript errors, correlated with source maps

  • View granular navigation and resource timings

Infra, Containers and Kubernetes Monitoring

Enable Take control of your complex environments
Understand the health of your infrastructure, containers, and orchestration with zero effort


  • Correlated with application performance

  • Automated continuous discovery

  • 1 second metric granularity

Performance and Trace Analytics


Optimize end-to-end performance with Unbounded Analytics
Intuitively drill into any data point with infinitely flexible filtering. View disparate pieces of correlated data, tied together for quick analysis. 


  • Filter based analysis

  • Distributed trace analytics

  • Open source tracing analytics 

Alerting and Root Cause Analysis


Identify the root cause of every service impact
Recreate the user perspective with detailed browser performance data correlated to backend performance


  • Automated anomaly detection

  • Events correlated to root cause

  • Impact based alerting 

DEV Pipelines and CI/CD Feedback


Deliver better applications faster with Pipeline Feedback
Immediately know whether to roll back or promote new software releases. Instana
 Pipeline Feedback integrates with your DevOps toolchain.


  • Integrated with any tool via API

  • Release markers on charts

  • “Before and after” health analysis


Service Dependencies and Context


Know the impact of every dependency with Context Guide
See every infrastructure and service dependency in context. Immediately understand how issues with one component are affecting other components.


  • 1 click to understanding

  • Identify all upstream/downstream service impact

  • Automatically adjusts to an entity in focus

Use Case-Based SmartAlerts


Automate alerting best practices
y generate alerting configurations using relevant KPIs and automatic threshold detection.

  • Automates alert management and scoping

  • Built on real-world situational use cases​​

  • Unlimited dimensions for unlimited flexibility

For Enquires, please Contact


Eng. Zeyad ElSherif

Head of Business Service Management


Mob KSA: +966(54) 712 39 49

Mob EG: +2(010) 64 125 125

Tel: +202 22916581/7


MegaSoft is a Gold IBM Business Partner in Egypt and Saudi Arabia

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