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PRINCE2®: A Process-Based Approach to Project Management

What is PRINCE2?


PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments) is a structured project management method based on experience drawn from thousands of projects and from the contributions of countless project sponsors, Project Managers, project teams, academics, trainers and consultants.

PRINCE2 isolates the management aspects of project work from the specialist contributions, such as design and construction. The specialist aspects of the project can be easily integrated with the PRINCE2 method and, when used alongside PRINCE2, provide a secure overall framework for the project work.

Because PRINCE2 is generic and based on proven principles, organizations adopting the method can substantially improve their organizational capability and maturity across various areas such as business change, construction, IT, mergers and acquisitions, research and product development.


PRINCE2: In a Nutshell


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Processes: A step-wise progression through the project lifecycle, from getting started to project closure


Principles: Obligations and good practices that determine if the project is genuinely being managed using PRINCE2


Themes: Aspects of Project Management that must be addressed continually and in parallel throughout the project


Tailoring: The need to tailor PRINCE2 to the specific context of the project


PRINCE2 Benefits


  • PRINCE2 can be applied to any type of project.

  • It provides a common vocabulary and approach.

  • It integrates easily with industry-specific models.

  • The product focus clarifies — for all parties — what the project will deliver.

  • PRINCE2 applies “management by exception,” providing efficient use of senior management time.

  • It ensures a focus on the continuing viability of the project.

  • PRINCE2 provides an explicit understanding of roles and responsibilities, so everyone can answer the question of what is expected of them and what to expect of others.

Update to PRINCE2 Best Practice Guidance

To reflect changes in business practices and following direct community feedback, AXELOS has revised the PRINCE2 guidance and exams in 2017.


The existing 7 PRINCE2 principles, themes and processes remain consistent but AXELOS has re-emphasized certain elements throughout the guidance and exams. The update places a greater emphasis on tailoring PRINCE2 to the needs of organizations and project environments, enabling anyone managing a project to get the best from the PRINCE2 methodology.




The PRINCE2 2017 certification scheme has two main levels, Foundation and Practitioner. At Practitioner level, there is PRINCE2 Practitioner and PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner certifications.


              PRINCE2 Foundation Examination


The PRINCE2 Foundation Level introduces the PRINCE2 method. The Foundation certification aims to confirm that you know and understand the PRINCE2 method well enough to be able to work effectively with, or as a member of, a project management team working within an environment supporting PRINCE2. The Foundation certification is also a prerequisite for the Practitioner certification.


                PRINCE2 Practitioner Examination


PRINCE2 Practitioner certification is for anyone who is managing projects as part of their role. This could be as part of a formal project management function or a role in which project management is an inherent part of day to day work. The purpose of the Practitioner certification is to confirm whether you have sufficient understanding of how to apply and tailor the method in a range of different project environments and scenarios.


​       PRINCE2  Agile Practitioner Examination

The PRINCE2 Agile certification is for PRINCE2 project managers who require specific guidance on how to tailor PRINCE2 in an agile context or environment.


PRINCE2 Agile enables practitioners to apply the project management principles of PRINCE2, whilst combining the flexibility and responsiveness of agile concepts such as Scrum and Kanban. The certification is aimed at all individuals and organizations involved with project, product and programme delivery and support.




PRINCE2 and other project management methodologies


Other project management qualifications and associations that are acknowledged worldwide include:


  • Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from PMI (Project Management Institute).

  • APM (UK Association of Project Management)

  • IPMA (International Project Management Association) also have detailed bodies of knowledge that explain the wider skills needed for a project manager.


AXELOS formally recognizes Project Managers with relevant previous experience and specified certification from either PMI or IPMA and permits them to study for PRINCE2 Practitioner level without the need to take the PRINCE2 Foundation exam first.


PRINCE2 is also compatible with other AXELOS methodologies, such as Managing Successful Programmes and can be easily implemented alongside specialist, industry-specific models ('engineering models' or 'development lifecycles').



PRINCE2 Courses

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