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<p style="font-size:20px; color:#9999ff;">Ideal behaviors in an organization are those that flow from the principles that govern the desired outcomes.</p>

Consulting Service Offerings

MEGASOFT Consulting Services offer one or all of the following listed below consulting services for one or all of the consulting management areas:

  1. Governance and Management of Enterprise Information and Related Technology

  2. Enterprise Architecture

  3. IT Service Management

  4. Project Management and P3O

  5. Risk Management

  6. Security Management

  7. Lean IT


Assessments Consulting Service

Assessments conducted towards instigating a Lean based Continual Service Improvement Program “CSIP”.   Organizations must be aware of the maturity of where they currently stand and potential growth stages they would be interested in achieving. This impact upon the time and effort involved, the approach taken and choices made for a CSIP.  

Following ISO/IEC 15504 Software Engineering Process Capabilities Assessment Standard and relative International Standard and/or industry best practices; we make assessments while we are aware that:

Each growth stage represents a transformation of the organization information and related technologies and, as such will require:

  • Changes in people (skills and competencies)

  • Processes (ways of working)

  • Technology (to support and enable the people and processes)

  • Steering (the goals and results to be Realised)

  • Attitude (the values and beliefs and the way in which IT behaves toward the business and IT users)

  • A degree of interaction with the business and the stakeholders of the IT organization

Results of assessments against strategic perspectives provide a clear idea about where we are, what we should measure, what we can measure and what we will measure to monitor the gap areas.  Regardless of which area we are assessing of Enterprise Governance, Enterprise Architecture, Risk, Security, ITSM or Project Management and P3O, the same approach is actually used.


Scoping and Feasibility Consulting Service

The purpose of the Scoping and Feasibility consulting service is to ensure that pre-requisites for initiating a project of improvement are in place by answering the question: do we have a viable and worthwhile project in any of the following areas:

  1. Governance and Management of Enterprise IT

  2. Enterprise Architecture

  3. ITSM

  4. Project Management and P3O

  5. Security

  6. Risk

  7. Lean IT


We guarantee customers by this service that nothing done until certain base information needed to make rational decisions about the commissioning of the project defined, key roles and responsibilities are resourced and allocated, and a foundation for detailed planning is available.


The purpose of the Scoping and Feasibility consulting service is as much about preventing poorly conceived projects from ever initiated as it is about approving the initiation of viable projects. As such, Scoping and Feasibility consulting service is a lighter service compared to the more detailed and thorough planning a Project service. The aim is to do the minimum necessary in order to decide whether it is worthwhile to initiate the project.



Planning Consulting Service

Projects start after the Project Board / Steering Committee approves the initiation of the project based on a worthwhile project.    Through the Planning Consulting Service for any project, a proactive planning, project control and refined business case takes place in addition to the planning of following elements:

  1. Risk Management Strategy,

  2. Quality Management Strategy,

  3. Configuration Management Strategy (including Change, Version Control and

  4. Communication Management Strategy.

We aim for this service to:

  1. Ensure that necessary preparations done to guarantee a complete and good start to the project

  2. Ensure that there is a common understanding and agreement among the stakeholders on key elements such as the scope and outcome, before a decision to invest in the project made

  3. Enable the organization to understand the work needed to deliver the project's products before committing to a significant spend.

Remember that the more effort and time the Project Management Team invests in this stage, the more benefits the stakeholders will realize later in the project during and after the closure.


Transformation Consulting Service

Transformation aims to develop an IT transformation strategy “in some of the covered management areas” and road map for improved return on investment.  We can help you adapt - not rip and replace - an innovative and dynamic infrastructure designed to deliver improved business responsiveness and return on investment (ROI).  We integrate best practices to help transform and optimize your IT infrastructure.  Following a detailed assessment of where you are, we can help you develop a strategy and road map for where you want to be, including an ROI analysis by using solution architecture from IBM technologies.


Requirements for an IT Transformation Strategy:


  • Changing market dynamics, emerging new technologies and increased operating expenses.

  • Optimization of IT infrastructure with higher ROI.

  • Inconsistence way of designing, delivering and managing services to adapt for the rapid growth in data and devices. 

  • Need of a robust infrastructure to enable high performance, management of inconsistencies and higher ROI.

  • Accommodate evolving needs, expand business positive impact.

  • Limited resources and silo-centric operations with disconnected data, processes and tools.


MEGASOFT Transformation Consulting Service can help you re-evaluate and re-construct your IT environment to improve alignment of your IT strategy with business goals through the development of an IT transformation road map and solution architecture design using IBM technologies.


Collaborative Consulting Services


Collaboration aims to enable our customers spend less time hunting things down and more time making things happen.

Leveraging the Experience of tens of Successful Deployments and many of internal and external consultants in many of the consulting management areas, your organization will overcome many questions before implementing related enterprise solutions.

How will these impact key stakeholders?
How can we prepare our employees for these changes?
How do we communicate the changes to everyone?
How can we ensure we are making the most of the system’s capabilities?

Our team will take a proactive approach to planning your project, setting the foundation for long-term success and enabling comprehensive transformations. Through MEGASOFT Collaborative Consulting Service, we are confident that we can guide you through a successful solutions’ deployment in our scoped consulting management areas.  We provide under this service the following collaborative services:

  1. Compliance and Risk Management

  2. Quality Assurance

  3. Internal Audit

  4. Project Management Office Services. 

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