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What We Do


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MEGASOFT has been providing two main service lines for more than 17 years.


Education and Recognition


In Training we teach leaders understand their role in building a culture of operational excellence, and we teach managers and practitioners how to better align systems to drive ideal, principle-based behaviors following internationally defacto standards, frameworks and methodologies. All our educational programs achieve individual recognition with the ultimate goal of organization recognition.


Assessment, Transformation and Recognition


In consulting, we provide three main services; assessment, transformation and recognition aligned through five types of engagements.


    Assessment is not as much on awarding ISO related recognitions, but more on using the related international standards, reference models and industry best practices as the basis for honest, self- and organizational-evaluation and initiating lasting improvements to our customer organizations overall contexts.  In fact, we often say that the “True achievement is the culture of operational excellence that comes from a disciplined application of these reference models and standards into customer organizations”.


    Transformation is hard work! It requires great leaders, smart managers and empowered people. Transformation cannot be delegated down, organized into a program or trained into the people and requires more than the application of a new tool set or the power of a charismatic personality. In MEGASOFT, we also believe that Improvement requires the transformation of a culture where every single person is engaged every day, in most often small, but from time to time, large change.  We recognize the necessity of good improvement tools but focus on them only within the context of enabling a system to better drive ideal, principle-based behaviors.


    Recognition to successful challengers and organizations is given on their commitment to improvement and the achievement of one of the ISO standards that MEGASOFT qualifies its customers.  We provide the whole services for recognition starting from scoping until receiving the certifications.  We are confident that, as you study and implement improvements initiatives and achievements of one of prime ISO’s we are promoting, your efforts will be rewarded with a culture that unleashes potential and achieves extraordinary results.



We are sincerely looking forward to our association with one another and anticipate taking this journey to excellence together.



Executive Management



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