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DevOps (a clipped compound of "development" and "operations") is a software development approach to work

that combines software development (Dev) with information technology operations (Ops). The goal of DevOps

is to shorten the systems development life cycle while delivering software releases frequently, in close alignment

with business objectives in a faster, better, and cost-efficient way. The DevOps approach to work is based on three

critical success factors: cultural shift, improvement of practices and processes, and leverage of automation technologies.

Why get DevOps certified?

Due to the proven success of the DevOps approach to work, DevOps oriented roles have become a sought-after resource across industries by a constantly growing number of organisations, who need DevOps-savvy people to make the cultural shift, work comfortably in a DevOps environment, and manage an array of technology and tools — referred to collectively as "toolchain" for processes including, but not limited to, coding, building, testing, packaging, releasing, configuring and monitoring.

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Software Development Methodology



Traditional (1970) structured, rigid software development methodology


Think -Silo’s, software developed as one single project -change is difficult



Agile (2001) methodology know for flexibility and fast development of software


Think – Developers develop software super fast but the agility stopped at the door of production



Devops (2009) collaboration between development and production professionals through all stages of a product or service lifecycle


Think – High-performing teams that meet to metrics for successful digital business models


Why DevOps Matters?

Digital Business Models are driving IT transformational Change. Old Waterfall approaches are being abandoned as Enterprises ask the question – What does DevOps mean for my IT organization, are my people ready for DevOps, and do my teams have the right skills to work in an Agile / DevOps environment.

Adopting DevOps concepts and principles requires a deep cultural and organizational change for organizations. Moving from siloed, waterfall driven systems to adopting Agile and Scrum practices first, and DevOps second means changing behavior. Old practices, ways of working make way for new approaches to doing work.

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DevOps qualifications

DevOps qualifications are offered by PeopleCert: these new hands-on qualifications are designed around those organisations using well-established IT Service Management practices to provide them with guidance on the ideal processes, tools and culture integration with DevOps.

It’s in this continuously evolving context, that <<YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME>> offers a suite of DevOps qualifications, designed by PeopleCert, that reflects the market needs to close the skills gap that many organisations are facing and support the realization of their business objectives, by improving communication, standardisation, collaboration and automation for the delivery of quality software products better, faster and at a lower cost.

DevOps qualifications levels

To reflect the need for this growing approach to work, PeopleCert DevOps qualifications have been structured as follows:

  • DevOps Fundamentals (14-18 training hours) – Candidates gain practical guidance on how to deliver effective DevOps through 15 essential practices.

  • DevOps Leadership (14-18 training hours) – Candidates get guidance on how to lead the implementation of DevOps practices and how to achieve a cultural shift for better collaboration and communication.

  • DevOps Engineering (14-18 training hours) – Candidates will gain practical guidance on automation tools use and how these tools support DevOps culture and practices. – Coming soon

Who are DevOps qualifications for?

PeopleCert DevOps Qualifications are designed for professionals and leaders in software and applications development, IT department, as well as business analysts, project and product managers, or anyone aspiring to gain knowledge of DevOps principles.

DevOps Courses

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