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About Us



MegaSoft is a regional IT Business Service Management Consulting and Training Firm. We are the trusted advisor to world’s leading businesses, governments, and institutions. We help leaders make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements to the performance of their IT organizations. We tackle their most difficult issues and serious challenges. We provide our people an outstanding place to work, with opportunities for growth that they can find nowhere else.


We're about world-shaping impact
We're about developing exceptional IT leaders
We're about trust-based relationships
We're about finding innovative services
We're about people who have a passion to help


We have unparalleled depth of IT functional and industry expertise of tens of years before establishment by group of IT professionals in 1998. Our scale, scope, and knowledge allow us to address problems that no one else can.

At heart and, through our offices in Jeddah and Cairo, we are a network of people who are passionate about taking on immense challenges that matter to leading IT organizations.




Become our customer’s premier consulting and training service provider in IT Service Management, Assurance and Governance in the Middle East.




MegaSoft works to increase the value of your existing assets, not ‘rip and replace’ them. With our experienced consultants and proven methodologies, MegaSoft can help find appropriate ways to leverage your people, processes and technologies for long term benefit and to provide extensive expertise in applying service management, assurance and control principles to your business framework.




MegaSoft has been championing the growth of ITIL since its inception – longer than any other supplier in Middle East has. Capitalizing on ITIL and along the years Governance and related frameworks and Assurance with the help of Agile and Lean approaches, thousands of IT and business executives are benefiting from our experiences and Operations through our offices in Jeddah and Cairo.

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