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Endpoint Management

BigFix Inventory Management

Maintain audit readiness and mitigate security risks with software compliance and usage

IBM BigFix Inventory provides the foundation for software control and security risk mitigation, with embedded compliance and usage analysis, discovering all licensed and unlicensed software with in-depth granularity across all devices.

A single console, single server, single intelligent agent design enables continuous and automatic updates. BigFix Inventory processes usage and file systems to reduce security risks and count the number of copies deployed versus the number owned - ensuring compliance. Spend less time conducting software asset inventory for license reconciliation or compliance purposes while reducing software spend.

Leverage the broad software and hardware inventory, processes and file system scans to enable security policies and configurations.

IBM BigFix Inventory:

  • Manages software assets across hundreds of thousands of Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, UNIX and Linux endpoints and can be installed throughout the entire enterprise in hours instead of weeks or months.

  • Delivers a comprehensive Software Identification Catalog including over 40,000 software products to help simplify asset identification and reporting.

  • Enables enhanced reporting including sub-capacity and role-based management to help ensure license compliance.

  • Provides discovery for software, processes, and file systems along with hardware usage and metering to help ensure audit readiness. These capabilities also provide cost savings and reduced security risk by identifying unused software.

  • Integrates with IBM software products to extend management across the full software lifecycle —from procurement through retirement — including security compliance.

MegaSoft BSM Solutions


To maximize the value of your assets, you need a robust set of enterprise capabilities designed to meet the demanding needs of asset intensive organizations that need to keep their infrastructure and endpoints at peak performance. MegaSoft Business Service Management (BSM) Solution based on IBM BigFix can help you.

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Eng. Zeyad ElSherif

Head of Business Service Management


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Tel: +202 22916581/7


Manages software assets across hundreds of thousands of Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, UNIX and Linux endpoints

  • Delivers visibility into any computing device throughout topologies in a heterogeneous environment regardless of connection state—whether on or off the corporate network.

  • Single server, single console, single agent view of all assets that is highly scalable and provides “always-on” software asset management to ensure audit readiness.

  • Reduces license costs by discovering all licensed and unlicensed software with in-depth granularity across all operating systems and devices.

  • Reduces security exposures by discovering authorized and unauthorized software with in-depth granularity across all operating systems and devices. Discovers processes and their usage as well as file systems to enable analysis of installed binary files.

Delivers a comprehensive Software Identification Catalog

  • Simplifies software identification with information on more than 8,000 software publishers, more than 40,000 software products and more than 105,000 application signatures.

  • Software Identification is now ISO 19770 enabled to reduce the need for complex software signatures.

  • Combines gathered inventory data with the software identification catalog to create a browsable warehouse.

  • Delivers continual updates through a cloud-based update service with information on commercial applications and publishers.

  • Easily customized to include tracking of home-grown and proprietary applications—with no scripting or coding required.

Enables enhanced reporting

  • Delivers reports on the health and compliance of software assets in minutes—regardless of the size of the environment. Includes both full reporting and sub-capacity reporting.

  • Provides increased visibility into software license consumption to help plan software budgets based on inventory and usage trends.

  • Facilitates planning for software upgrades and migrations by enabling administrators to determine which endpoints meet prerequisites.

  • Facilitates analysis of and sets security compliance policies for software and system configurations.

  • Incorporates multi-roles and multi-tenancy access rights to reports and data with default settings that can be easily customized based on business needs.

Provides discovery for software, processes, file systems , hardware and usage metering

  • Allows users to browse data about software license usage and deployments to identify unused software and help limit audit and security exposures.

  • Provides aggregated statistics and usage gathered by searching, filtering, sorting, viewing and exporting data for potentially hundreds of thousands of endpoints.

  • Enables users to create and manage information about software contracts and product licenses to help enhance licensing compliance.

  • Enables users to analyze security exposures by providing processes, usage metering, data and file system scans of installed binary files.

  • Provides comprehensive hardware inventory with detailed information of virtualization configurations and computer properties.

Integrates with IBM software products

  • Integrates with IBM Control Desk to provide comprehensive software asset management—including software license reconciliation, contract management, and service management (help desk, ITIL change management).

  • Together with IBM BigFix Lifecycle, forms a complete software management solution. In combination with IBM BigFix Compliance, ensures a complete security control solution.

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