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Facilities and Real Estate Management​

TRIRIGA Space Management

Improve facility utilization, space chargeback and move management

IBM® TRIRIGA® Facilities Manager identifies underutilized facilities and workspaces that can be used more effectively to help reduce costs. The software helps to increase facilities utilization and improves the effectiveness of a distributed workforce. It also provides move management capabilities for more efficient personnel and asset relocation.

IBM TRIRIGA Facilities Manager provides:

  • Space measurement and audit tools that identify opportunities for better facility utilization and occupancy management.

  • Space use agreements and chargeback tools to increase departmental accountability for space use.

  • Move planning and management to streamline relocation processes.

  • Project administration features that track budgets, costs and schedules for more efficient facilities management.

MegaSoft BSM Solutions


To maximize the value of your assets, you need a robust set of enterprise capabilities designed to meet the demanding needs of asset intensive organizations that need to keep their plant or facility at peak performance. MegaSoft Business Service Management (BSM) Solution based on IBM TRIRIGA can help you.

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Eng. Zeyad ElSherif

Head of Business Service Management


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Tel: +202 22916581/7


Space measurement and audit tools

  • Identifies unused or underperforming space that can be consolidated to help reduce the energy and environmental impact of a facility.

  • Uses global units of area and conversion processes to simplify area measurement across global facilities portfolios.

  • Simplifies facility benchmarking with pre-integrated Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate (OSCRE) Space Classifications.

  • Provides Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) and International Facility Management Association (IFMA) space measurement calculations to determine rentable and usable area measurements.

  • Uses web-based CAD plans to graphically query and visualize standard and ad-hoc facilities reports such as vacant spaces, spaces by department and more.


Space use agreements and chargeback tools

  • Automates chargeback processes that determine assignable space and costs for each department.

  • Maintains historical data on a facility’s space allocations and infrastructure assets for improved facility planning decisions.

  • Uses web-based CAD plans to provide departments with graphical views of their assigned space.


Move planning and management

  • Uses one centralized system that handles move requests, management approvals, tracking information, scheduling updates and provider data for improved relocation management.

  • Takes advantage of employee self-service tools and automated processes to handle staff movement tasks more quickly.

  • Updates staff locations and space configurations automatically after a move is complete to maintain current facilities information.


Project administration features

  • Generates and assign facilities projects and work tasks automatically and tracks the associated costs.

  • Identifies optimal facility utilization and occupancy rates to create more accurate funding allocations.

  • Re-allocates space usage and charges it back to appropriate internal departments for efficient accounting.

  • Implements automatic project management controls and alerts for fast notification of budget overruns and schedule delays.

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