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Business Analysis Mastery 

Duration:     5 days 


Delivery:      Classroom OR Live-Online (Virtual)

Being a business analyst or having the skills of one is essential to the success of business organizations nowadays. In this course, delegates will delve into the role, tasks and responsibilities of the business analyst (BA). Learn effectively to select and employ elicitation, analysis and design techniques for ensuring business need and requirements and optimum solution proposition.

Through an extensive practical workshops and hands-on exercises, participants will learn to;

  • Define the scope of work, analyze business needs.

  • Master requirements-elicitation techniques that will work for a variety of projects and audiences.

  • Dissect, package, document, communicate, and manage requirements effectively.

  • Practice working progressively towards formulation of a business solution design.

The course will empower organization through their program delegates to apply these skills practically in their business analysis as an effective Business Analyst, immediately reducing rework & cost, adding value and building effective relationships with
project stakeholders.

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