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What is AgileSHIFT®?


The context

Kodak. Blockbuster. Nokia. Big businesses have failed to survive in a competitive and disruptive marketplace. Increasing customer demand and expectation, the rise of disruptive competitors shaking up established industries, legacy processes that no longer fit in today’s environment, a company culture that fails to support rapid go-to-market.

These factors are all driving change and most organizations today know they need to transform if they want to survive.


Transformation is necessary.

It is also hard.



The solution

AgileSHIFT is the latest accredited training and certification from Global Best Practice providers, AXELOS to help prepare everyone across an organization for transformational change. The new solution provides staff with the knowledge and guidance to be able to understand, engage with and influence change by embracing agile and lean ways of working.

Taking a holistic view of an organization, the new easily tailorable, lightweight framework helps organizations on their change journey and to thrive in an ever emerging disruptive and

competitive marketplace.



The audience

The purpose of AgileSHIFT is to win over the hearts and minds of the entire organization. The training itself is targeted at an enterprise level. It is the “change enablers” who are the target buyers – those who have been tasked by the organization to lead or be an active part of a transformation change business, or senior positions in functions that have an awareness of, and interaction with, agile delivery but are interested in learning more.


Typical roles could include;


  • Transformation lead/manager

  • Change lead/manager

  • Coach/evangelist roles (could relate to agile)

  • Senior positions within Product Management, Portfolio (PMO), Finance, HR, Legal, Sales & Marketing



The sectors

The graph above demonstrates those sectors which see great instability in their business environment and who are going through organizational wide transformations. These are the industries who will leverage the most value from AgileSHIFT guidance.


Primary sectors: Financial Services, Retail, Government Sector, Telecoms, Pharma, Media and Entertainment

Secondary sectors: Professional services, Utilities, Healthcare and Oil and Gas.



AgileSHIFT® Certification

AgileSHIFT training and certification will help you enable transformational change in your organization. The AgileSHIFT certification will equip you to:

  • recognize and understand why transformation in your organization is necessary

  • utilize agile and lean ways of working to be able to work in more agile ways immediately

  • be part of a culture of organizational-wide agility

  • use the tailorable framework to champion change within your organization.


How does AgileSHIFT compare with other Agile courses?

Until now, Agile methods and certifications such as Lean and Kanban have focused on the IT function and the delivery of software. AgileSHIFT leverages the value of agile ways of working to the entire organization – be it sales, marketing, legal, HR or finance - and to the delivery of product and services, not just software.

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