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Helping organizations lead transformational change


An agile solution for your organization

Lead. Transform. Change

In the current changing digital landscape, most organizations are seeking to transform the way they work. Factors driving this need for change include:

  • Increasing customer demand and expectation

  • The rise of disruptive competitors shaking up established industries

  • Legacy or traditional processes that no longer work in today’s environment

  • A company culture that fails to support rapid go-to market


Transformation is necessary. It is also hard.


Creating a culture of enterprise agility with AgileSHIFT

AgileSHIFT is the latest accredited guidance from global best practice provider AXELOS. Taking a holistic view, AgileSHIFT employs a lightweight framework to create enterprise agility, focusing on helping organizations lead transformational change.


Designed to ensure success in a disruptive and competitive marketplace, AgileSHIFT helps organizations respond positively to increasing customer demands and expectations, competitor pressure and internal legacy processes.


AgileSHIFT achieves this through:

  • Encouraging the whole organization to be comfortable with and embrace the need for change and transformation

  • Demonstrating how a culture of enterprise agility is beneficial to organizations dealing with transformation

  • Providing an overview of common agile ways of working and how they relate to enterprise agility

  • Providing a simple agile framework for organizations and teams to adopt and embed

Who is it for?

Change enablers. this means leaders or individuals active in business transformation such as:

  • transformation leads/managers

  • change leads/manages

  • coaches or influencers

  • senior positions within product management, Portfolio(PMO), Finance, HR, Legal, Sales & Marketing



Why get certified with AgileSHIFT:

  • Recognize and understand why transformation in the organization is necessary

  • Utilize agile and lean ways of working in order to apply these principles immediately

  • Be part of a culture of organization-wide agility 

  • Use the tailorable framework to champion change within the organization

AgileSHIFT & other agile methods

Agile methods and certifications, such as Lean and Kanban, traditionally focused on IT and the delivery of software.

AgileSHIFT applies the value f agile ways of working and thinking to the entire organization.

AgileSHIFT & PRINCE2 Agile:

PRINCE2 Agile is a method that provides guidance on managing a project in an agile context, while AgileSHIFT differs by targeting the whole organization, not just the PMO.


Managing successful programmes (MSP) provides a framework, as well as the principles and processes for programme management. It is about turning large, complex change into manageable, inter-related projects. AgileSHIFT explores the context behind disruption and why enterprise agility is necessary for tranformational change. AgileSHIFT is less focused on the process, but more on the culture and mindset needed to drive this transformation.

AgileSHIFT available Course

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