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What is Scrum?

Scrum is a framework used by organizations to increase business agility. Business agility is the ability for organizations to respond to uncertainty and tackle complexity in their products, services and markets.

The impact that Scrum has had on organizational effectiveness and efficiency over the past 20 years cannot be understated. Scrum is still growing at an ever increasing rate and is reaching all parts of the enterprise including marketing, people services, sales, learning and development and operations. Scrum practices are pervasive in virtually all of the Fortune 100 companies that rely on technology to develop products and services.


Why Scrum?

The enduring appeal of Scrum is due to its people-oriented approach. It challenges 200 year old management practices which were more relevant during the industrial revolution and the age of mass production. Scrum is a response to poor quality products, heavyweight processes, and poor customer-supplier relationships. Today’s knowledge economy relies on teams to use evidence-based management to tackle complexity, learn quickly and grow in volatile markets.


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