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What does this mean?


Even with all the study and all the prep, you still may not pass the exam. If you take selected courses with Megasoft with Exam Retake Assurance granted and fail your first exam attempt, you can still revisit topics that gave you trouble during the exam then retake the exam at no additional cost. It's like a safety net. No one ever wants to have to use it, but everyone is glad it's there!

Terms & Conditions apply as follows: 

1. Pass a Trial Test prior to sitting Official Exam, up to 2 TRIAL TESTS are permitted
2. First Exam Attempt within 3 WEEKS from Course End Date.
3. Second Exam Attempt within 1 WEEK from the First Exam Date.

4. In case Second Exam Attempt also failed, candidate can optionally purchase Take2 Re-Sit Exam Service @ $ 39. Take2 offers         candidate the opportunity to re-sit their exam within 6 months in case of an unsuccessful result. 

Who does this apply to?

Each and every person who completes the course and can demonstrate that they have passed their trial test which comes included in every course. 


What courses does this apply to?

We are offering Exam Retake Assurance on selected courses as follows:

exam retake assurance - compressed.png

How do I Take my Exam Retake Assurance?

Just purchase one of the courses listed above which include the exam cost, and the Exam Retake Assurance comes automatically.

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