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The world’s most trusted system for business agility

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is the leading system for scaling agile, trusted by thousands of enterprises. SAFe has shown double-digit improvements in time-to-market, productivity, quality, nd employee engagement. Gartner has found SAFe to be the #1 most considered and adopted framework for scaling agile. 

What Is SAFe?

Your customers expect instant gratification, from same-day package delivery to daily software updates for their self-parking car. And they don’t have the patience to wait for your company to figure that out. Now is the time for your organization to adopt a smarter way of working. SAFe is your system to manage digital disruption.  

Benefits of SAFe

Transform how you work to improve employee engagement, time-to-market, team productivity, and the quality of your products and solutions.

SAFe Principles

We recognize that every organization has its own context. You have different products with diverse organizational structures and unique operational constraints. A prescriptive approach won’t accommodate every situation. That’s why the Scaled Agile Framework provides 10 SAFe principles to guide your implementation in any context.

SAFe principles are grounded in the immutable, underlying tenets of Agile, Lean, systems thinking, and product development flow. These fundamental tenets inspire and inform SAFe’s mindset, roles, and practices.

SAFe and Agile


SAFe applies agile principles with a framework for agile at scale.


Software developers and testers originally conceived agile principles and values to help create products with better collaboration, speed, quality, and customer-centricity. The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a system for scaling agile across teams of teams, business units, and even entire organizations.

Why SAFe?


It’s proven, scalable, and configurable, no matter your organization’s size, industry, or complexity. More than one million professionals and 20,000 enterprises worldwide trust SAFe.

Available Courses

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