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Certificate: Practitioner Certificate in                              Requirements Engineering

Accreditor: BCS; British Computers Society, UK


Skill Level: Intermediate / Practitioner


Duration:   2.5 days



Delivery:    Classroom OR Live-Online                              (Virtual)


Open Rounds

In the BCS Practitioner Certificate in Requirements Engineering, you’ll learn how to take a systematic approach to eliciting, defining, analyzing, validating, documenting and managing requirements.

The certificate includes:

  • The Requirements Engineering Framework

  • How to elicit requirements and techniques to use

  • How to collaborate and communicate with stakeholders in the requirements process

  • How to write a user story

  • Best practice approaches to document requirements

  • How to manage requirements

  • Validating, prioritizing and quality assurance in the requirements process

  • Analyzing and evaluation of requirements

This certificate is a core module (out of 4) for gaining the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis, more details available HERE 

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