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What is MoV®?


Management of Value (MoV®) provides essential guidance on the most efficient use of resources to maximize the benefits from portfolios, programmes and projects. MoV supplements the main purposes of PRINCE2®, MSP® and M_o_R®, but its focus is on maximizing value.MoV combines a set of principles, processes and techniques. 

Benefits of MoV
  • Proposes a definition of value that embraces both monetary and non-monetary benefits

  • Provides a method, supported by techniques for allocating funds as effectively as possible

  • Allows you to increase the value you deliver and make better use of resources

  • Highlights the best way to respond to both external and internal influences

How it works

The guidance is structured around principles, themes and processes:


  • The principles are based on tried-and-tested practices, and successful value management is unlikely to be achieved if these are not adopted

  • The themes are continuous activities that need to be carried out to ensure the application of the principle delivers the promised value

  • The set of processes define the structure of the approach and use specialist techniques to supplement the business case and provide a practical approach to achieving results.

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MoV® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited

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