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Business Processes Modeling & Improvement (BPM)

Certificate:   Practitioner Certificate in Modeling Business                              Processes by BCS; British Computers Society, UK


Duration:     2 days (16 Hours)


Delivery:      Classroom OR Live-Online (Virtual)

Megasoft is BCS Affiliate Partner

Processes are the lifeblood of all organizations, they define an organization’s ability to quickly adapt to a changing business climate and ultimately affect the cost and overall profit of an organization. Identifying, understanding ,modeling analyzing and optimizing processes is an essential skill for every role within the organization.

Business process Modeling is a part of the International Diploma of Business Analysis by BCS; Britsh Computers Society, UK.

Through an extensive practical workshops and hands-on exercises, participants will learn to:

  • Business Process Management Concepts & Basic BPMN Basic Modelling

  • Identify and model core business processes at an organizational level

  • Identify and model business processes at the process level

  • Identify the events that trigger the business processes

  • Identify the outcomes from the business processes

  • Model the actors, tasks and process flows that comprise a business process

  • Analyse the tasks within a business process

  • Identify the business rules applied within tasks

  • Analyse the performance issues of individual tasks

  • Identify the performance measures applied within a business process

  • Analyse and improve business processes

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