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Business Analysis Strategy

Certificate:   Part of the International Diploma of Business Analysis by                          BCS; British Computers Society, UK

Duration:     3 days (24 Hours)

Delivery:      Classroom OR Live-Online (Virtual)

Megasoft is BCS Affiliate Partner

Companies success and economic development lies in the clarity of the destination, the vision of the future and the ability and agility in adapting to a rapidly dynamic competitive environment. The Strategy Analysis Program is especially designed for entrepreneurs, business consultants and business executives who aim to explore the holistic picture and the interrelated concepts and practices that are essential for responding to new realities quickly and effectively.

Strategy Analysis Program is tailored to address the needs of today where strategy is no longer a stagnant artifact or encapsulated knowledge within the minds of a CEO. The Strategy Analysis Program will walk you through the stages of strategic thinking in a business context by helping you understand the methodical steps to create tangible value by ensuring the vision is well interpreted into flexible strategy rewired into the day to day operation of your business.

The Program will examine a wide range of real life business case studies emphasizing on the successful or unsuccessful strategies of each.

The program is universally applicable for all business domain and industries providing you with a solid clear framework for formulation and strategic decision making whether to an existing running business or a potential initiative under viability assessment.

You will be equipped with the knowledge and commercial awareness to design, articulate, communicate and smoothly execute winning agile strategies.

With cases drawn from leading companies in local and international markets, you will practically learn how to formulate and assess business strategies, and align efforts to organizational strategy.

In the final Case Study Project, you will apply your skills by creating a complete Strategic Analysis for an existing business or a business initiative/venture of your own.

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