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Certificate: Practitioner Certificate in                              Business Analysis

Accreditor: BCS; British Computers Society, UK


Skill Level: Intermediate / Advanced


Duration:   3 days



Delivery:    Classroom OR Live-Online                              (Virtual)

Open Rounds

This course is for people who already have a business analysis role, and want to gain a deeper understanding of business analysis strategy and application. It is suitable for business analysts, business managers and members of their team, business change managers and project managers. 


Upon achievement of the certificate, candidates will be able to demonstrate a practical understanding of:

  1. The strategic context for business analysis.

  2. How and when to select and apply a range of techniques and tools to analyze the current state of a business.

  3. How to establish the target state of a business.

  4. The value of ongoing stakeholder engagement and analysis.

  5. The purpose and content of the business case.

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